An Important Message from TechBridgeWorld

Dear Friends of TechBridgeWorld,

We have been contemplating the evolution of TechBridgeWorld’s work for a while now, and after considerable careful thought, we have come to the conclusion that it is time for the members of TechBridgeWorld to pursue new endeavors outside the university that build on the accomplishments and lessons learned from our research. TechBridgeWorld will therefore be closing its doors at the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

Having dedicated more than a decade of effort in creating technologies with a global heart, the time has come for the conclusion of TechBridgeWorld’s work at Carnegie Mellon University. Our mission began in 2004 with the belief that technology, when created with compassion and in respectful partnership with users, can have the transformative power of affecting positive change in the lives of the disempowered. Since then, we have been able to accomplish so much! We have listened carefully to our partners’ experiences and expertise and collaborated with them on several research projects, primarily in the areas of education and assistive technology.

We helped to make the process of learning braille writing fun for blind children and made it easier for their blind teachers to diagnose mistakes. We helped enhance English literacy among learners from different cultures and abilities through computer tools, and enabled their teachers to customize educational content for those tools. We developed an app to improve the navigational experience of blind and visually impaired travelers in unfamiliar indoor and outdoor urban environments. We even explored ways for stationary and mobile robots to assist blind and visually impaired travelers in an effort to enhance urban transportation.

Through courses, internship programs, volunteer projects, and other avenues, we have trained, mentored, and worked with over 100 students at Carnegie Mellon University as well as other students from universities around the world. Guided by our principles of respect and empowerment, we have lived up to our mission of building technology bridges with many organizations in 20 countries who were previously underserved by technology.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved with TechBridgeWorld, whether you were a student, visiting researcher, staff member, donor, project partner, Carnegie Mellon University colleague, advisor, volunteer, well-wisher, etc. We are confident that together, we have contributed to a better future where technology can bridge divides rather than exacerbate them.

For a summary of our projects and accomplishments and links to publications, please visit To learn more about TechBridgeWorld’s impact among partners, students, alumni, and donors over the years, please visit: If you have any questions about anything related to TechBridgeWorld, or your support of our efforts, please do not hesitate to contact Bernardine at mbdiasATriDOTcmuDOTedu.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!

From your friends at TechBridgeWorld,

–Bernardine and Ermine